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My passion for photography spans all subjects.  However, I'm especially drawn to the natural landscape.  I've spent years chasing dramatic light on landscapes all over the world.  Whether it's hiking up a mountain or standing on a beach waiting for the sun to rise, I'm at my best when I'm outside.  With my camera, I'm inspired when I feel that I've "captured" that moment.

When photographing , I'm determined to find vantage points that give viewers a different perspective of a new or familiar place.  Sometimes this requires a lot of hiking/climbing or waking up at odd hours.  For me, the process of getting the photograph is as fulfilling as the capturing the actual photograph.

 I’m hoping that my images give you sense of that place and inspire you to see it for yourself. If you have visited these places, I hope that my images are a reminder on how special a place it was for you.


Mike Wiley

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